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Boo Monster

4.6 ( 7616 ratings )
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Desarrollador Teen Games, LLC

Welcome to the mysterious house where you can find a little funny ghost who lives here and frightens the residents every minute!

BOO! Did he scare you?! So, if not – its time to meet him! His name is Boo Monster and his family loves to spook! Do you want to scare them back? Follow Boo and he will show you how!

The simple and beautiful design will easily guide you through the fantastic world of Boo Monster. Youll certainly like the different characters youre going to meet in our game and youll explore all the details of the big, mysterious house.

***HOW TO PLAY*** Float around the house and look for the family. Enjoy being invisible and find all the hiding places - just tap on the screen and you can hide under tables, couch, stairs, behind curtains or even duvets and lavatory pan! Rattle things, turn on kettle, blow candle out, drop vase, throw boots….whatever you want to make the characters nervous!

Can you hear their heartbeat? Great! It’s time to BOO! If the player makes scary action close to the character again and again, the character begins to shiver and cry.

Finally, the player should tap on the character – the Boo rushes out and screams – the character runs away, and as a result the player gets scores! Remember, search the rooms but stay away from the light or you’ll be seen!

In the Boo Monster amazing game you will find:
- Lot’s of spooks for the all members of the game!
- Staggering howl and hoot sounds of the Boo and funny fright sounds of the characters won’t let you indifferent!
- Fun and addictive gameplay for the best storyline!

***Features of Boo Monster***

- Big house to explore;
- 4 family members to scare;
- Hidden surprises around the house;
- Beautiful and stunning artwork;
- Open-ended play with no rules or stress;
- Kid-friendly interface

Start amazing adventure today! Boo Monster is filled with surprises – there are no limits, just play and fun!